Fender original '60s precision bass CASE CANDY?

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  1. Hey guys really interested in the Fender original '60s pbass… but I'm curious as to what comes with these guys... besides the case. Can't seem to get any hard evidence... does it come with the ashtrays? Flats for '60s purists? Ne one here own one that can let me kno, thanks!
  2. I bought a brand new Fender P bass in 1970, it came with both covers, the one over the bridge had a foam strip glued inside the cover as a mute. It also came with flat wounds, it was a Sunburst, forget which pick guard it had but I want to say a tortoise shell. I like 99.9% of players back then took the covers right off and lost them:laugh:. I played the flat wounds for several more years and switched to round wounds again like a lot of players back then, I've since come full circle and use flats on most of my basses. It was an excellent sounding and playing bass, came with very low action and sounded like a BASS. I don't remember any case candy, and it came with the covers installed like they all did back then.

    I thought you meant 60's Fenders bought brand new, sorry about that:roflmao:
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    I asked this question on another thread, and guys said they come with both covers, not installed. Not sure about the flats, though I can say definitely they came with the AVRIs.
  4. Cool... that's as much as I've heard as well. Just haven't heard it from someone who actually owns one of them and I haven't heard back from a sales rep yet either.
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    I’ve got one from local dealer who leaves the stuff in the case. Unlike my well equipped Elite Jazz, the original 60 p came with covers and some paperwork...that’s it.
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    Pretty sure they came with cord, strap and, of course, covers.
  7. Mongo like candy.
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    I had a '63 PBass (used but not very), 3 color Sunburst/Tort Pickguard and a '66 Jazz Bass (new) LPB/White Pickguard. Both were bought in 1966-67.

    Both came with pickup covers and ash tray installed in hardshell cases (PBass/Tan) and (JBass/Black) with orange interiors. There was probably a strap included but I can't recall a cable. That was it as far as I recall unless it was a post card size warranty card or thank you from Fender. All Fender P and J Basses in that era came stock with flat wounds.
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  9. I think there was a slight misunderstanding going on here...

    I was referring to the new line of basses that Fender is calling the "American Original" series... where there are two models for the pbass (50's & 60's) and two for the jazz (60's & 70's).
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    I just got one of the 60's P basses and they come with the ashtrays, a foam mute, a certificate of authenticity, and a small bag continuing the aforementioned items. It does not have the strap or the cable. I am alright with that as all of mine have either been given away. The strap was meh and the 2 cables I had were maybe the worst/noisiest I've ever used. The flats, installation of the ashtrays and mute are on you. I am sure that some will install none of them to all of them. I went for the full package and installed the La Bella flats the day after I got the bass. I did let the GC tech drill the holes for the ashtrays. I am undecided on the foam mute.

    I must say after playing it for a couple of weeks, it may be the new #1. It is just amazing in the mix and feels like it is always in the right spot. I am at least smitten and time will tell if I choose to sell the rest, but I can promise you a few are going to be listed in the near future. This bass is amazing.

  11. Awesome!!! I just pulled the plug on one of these (in sunburst). Planning on doing a little unboxing video just for the fact that I've seen very little content on these.

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    I love the 50s, but then I got to play the original 60s and I'm not sure how it wouldn't go straight to #1. The one I played was easily the most flawless delivery of a pbass I ever played. Truly a perfect done bass.
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    Right?! I really like the look of the 50's, especially the white blonde and gold PG, but I can't see how it would be any better in terms of tone and I would simply be spending money to get a different color of maybe a lesser tone. Like, I'd be better off buying the other color of the 60's bass if I wanted something other than LPB. I have a friend selling a select, which is beautiful, and as much as the GAS monster would like to have the flame maple, I like mine better. Dude... I think you just saved me some cash! :)
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  14. I just realized that:laugh: when I saw the posts after mine, I was the first poster.
  15. 20180507_195643.jpg
    I notice that your case is different then the one I received.My case has a center section for items and supports the neck at the same time. I've been playing Fender's for 40 years including a Custom Shop LPB '64 Jazz. Like what has been said, it can easily become a #1. With a set of TI flats and a proper setup, it plays just as well as the Custom Shop and is nicer than the '62 stack knob Jazz I had in the '80s - '90s.
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  16. That’s how I feel about my 63 AVRI. It makes the whole band sound better.
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    Interesting... here’s another angle that shows a bit more about the neck support on mine.
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    I saw today they've got a MIM white blonde nitro 50's out now. The maple neck on the original 50s feels incredible, but man that original 60s just is the total package.

    Only seen the mim on amazon and one other site so far:

    NEW Fender Classic Series '50s Precision Bass Lacquer - White Blonde (384)
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    I wonder if there’s more to it than just where it’s made? Maybe Pups too.
  20. My case.. 15311824499791827591128341976586.jpg
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