Fender Precision - Pickup hum like Jazz?

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  1. I'm in the market for a Fender American Series Precision bass with passive electronics. While I also like the passive Jazz bass, the hum/noise issue bothers me. In playing a Precision in a store, it appeared that it didn't have the same hum/noise as a Jazz. But I would like to know other players experiences with this in the "real world".

    My second choice is a Fender American Deluxe Jazz bass with Ash body. I played one of these and it was very quiet and a great sound. However, my first choice right now is to get a nice, thumpy P-bass.

    Paul Mac
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    The way the two halves of the P p/u are wired cancels the hum, the J p/us do the same when both p/u's volumes are on full.
  3. I visited another music store to check out the P vs. J sound. Noise-wise, as expected, when the J bass was set with the volume pots equal, it was quiet, but trying to dial in a different sound resulted in the hum. The P bass was quiet and it was in the finish and neck that I want; Butterscotch Blonde body with Rosewood fingerboard. That classic thump sound was in all it's glory. Looks like I'm getting a new bass soon...real soon. :hyper:

    Paul Mac

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