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Fillin' (not Feelin') The Groove

Discussion in 'Setup & Repair [DB]' started by Giacomo, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. Can I save some bucks and not have to go back to the luthier? He removed the Obligatos and put on Lenzners Guts with the wrapped A & E. He widened some or all of the string notches in the bridge to fit the Lenzners.

    Now I have put on a full set of Eurosonic UltraLights (beginning to like them more and more as they play in) and find that all four strings sit in the bridge notches a little deeper than 1/3, which I understand to be the ideal. The A string especially appears to be at least 1/2 recessed in the slot, and if I pizz the open A hard at the end of the fingerboard, I can get an unpleasant boing, which disappears if I pizz halfway up the fingerboard.

    I understand from reading here that tone and volume can be affected by grooves that are too big. So my question is, how do I go back? I can't imagine any filler that could stand the pressure, and I have thought that the solution is to have the luthier sand the bridge down and renotch. Maybe someone with more experiece than I could "fill" me in. Thanks.
  2. well, I got the answer at rockabillybass.com. Anyone interested, let me know.