First Build-medium scale PJ/bass vi hybrid 4 string

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  1. Hi everybody,

    I have built a saga kit bass before but I am attempting my first real build by making a body for a Warmoth neck.

    This is my design:


    It is based on the Fender Bass VI shape with a different pickguard and slightly smaller, more proportional shoulders.

    The bass will have an african mahogany body, maple neck with indian rosewood fingerboard, DiMarzio model P/J set, Schaller BML Light tuners and an aluminium pickguard. I haven't decided on the bridge yet.

    Here is the mahogany for the body, after the initial milling:


    This picture shows the 32'' scale neck that I ordered from Warmoth and some of the other parts that I will be using:


    It was taken before I decided on using chrome hardware so the bridge and tuners will be different to the ones in the photo.

    The neck specs are as follows:
    -32'' scale
    -flatsawn maple neck
    -indian rosewood fingerboard
    -SSB Warhead headstock (no paddle choice on short and medium scale)
    -1-1/2'' (38mm) nut width
    -10'' radius
    -21 frets
    -6230 nickel fretwire
    -cream dots
    -black corian nut

    I will apply a tru-oil finish on both the neck and the body. I may stain the mahogany to get a slightly more brown color because it turned out to be a lot lighter than I expected from seeing its rough sawn stage.

    I do have a question for those more experienced than me. I am planning on planing the board down to 1.5'' for its final thickness. Would that be thick enough for a front routed body?

    Thank you and stay tuned.
  2. I joined and ripped the sides of my board flat, cross cut it into two sections and glued them to make a body blank. After clamping for 24 hours, I planed the body blank down to 1-3/8''.

    I forgot to take pictures of those steps but here is my design printed on paper, laid out on the body blank and traced onto the wood.


    I made my relief cuts with the bigger bandsaw that has a wider blade and cut the final shape on a smaller one.




    Used a belt sander and an orbital spindle sander to refine the final shape


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  4. I forgot to add that after cutting the body, I weighed it and was very surprised to see that it was a little over 3.5 pounds. With the shorter scale and lightweight tuners, this is going to turn out to be a very light bass. :hyper:
  5. You'll also find that the shorter scale further reduces the likelyhood of neck dive. :)
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    My Precision is about 1.5" thick and front routed, so I would think you're ok there.

    I like the design. Looking forward to seeing this take shape.