First practice with Ampeg RB-210

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  1. Last week I traded my Traynor SB-110 in on an Ampeg RB-210. Finally got to try the RB-210 at a band practice last night. It is awesome! Nothing against the Traynor SB110. It did me proud for over a year but the Ampeg has a much fuller sound. I dialled in a very mild mid scoop. The Ibanez SRFF805 has never sounded better. I was actually playing at less volume than I did with the Traynor and was heard in the mix better. We play a few 60's songs, Paul Revere, Monkeys, Yardbirds, etc. The Ampeg very much gets the right tone for those. We also do some Tom Petty. I really like playing on the low B string for Petty songs but the Traynor struggled a bit with the lows. The Ampeg was full and loud on the B. I will miss the very light weight of the Traynor but the Ampeg at 39 lbs is still manageable. Can't wait to try it at a gig. We have a house party gig coming up.
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    Good to hear. But if 39 pounds is too much weight for you to schlep to a gig, you probably shouldn't be gigging.
  3. I’m 68 and have been packing heavy gear for many years. A few years ago an ear infection damaged a nerve and I now get dizzy spells which is exacerbated carrying a load. Being able to carry my gear in/out is a very important consideration for me. My limit to carry something more than a few steps is around 50 lbs. More than that and I’m likely to trigger vertigo and a fall.
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    I’ve gotten to try the 110, 112 and 210 in store, and thought they all sounded awesome. Glad to hear (another) favorable report from a band setting. Enjoy!
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  5. The 110 worked great until I bought the SRFF805 5 string long scale fan fret. I use a .145 B and the 110 was Ok with it but it the Ampeg is much better. The Ampeg also suits the 60’s songs better. I love the bass line in this song and the Ampeg rocks it.

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    When I read band practice instead of rehearsal, I think about teens in high school who carried their trumpet around & are always talking about how they have band practice after school.
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  7. You are right it was a rehearsal. We were working on a set list for our next gig.
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    I got ya, but 39 pounds is 20% less. My 212 cab is about the same weight, and a head under 5.
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    I have one and an Ampeg 1x15 extension speaker (which I haven't needed yet). It sounds good, I think you'll like it.
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    Rock bands practice too; theater companies rehearse a play.

    Mike Watt said it best:
    Why I practice and actors rehearse (Mike Watt)
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    I practice at home & rehearse with the band.
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    I'll turn in my resignation as I schlep my bass, wireless IEM system, G10s, a few cables, and a clip-on tuner.
  13. I lust after the Traynor SB110 that you recently sold, Those are very pricy or unavailable in my area. I am also glad you are pleased with the new Ampeg.
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    buldog5151bass Kibble, milkbones, and P Basses. And redheads.

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    My impression is OP was not gigging with that kind of PA. But yes, that is good (unless youare schlepping and setting up that PA with subwoofers).
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  16. Sorry to hear about your health struggles. I had a bout with vertigo a few months ago.
  17. Just another Ampeg testimonial :thumbsup:
    If I were still gigging..... and I'm not.... I would probably be playing through a rocket bass combo.
    I'll just live vicariously through you. :bassist:
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    The Traynor Small Block 110 120W isn’t really comparable to the Ampeg Rocket Bass 210 500W. But for its size it sounds very “big” and full and loud, and it is expensive because of its very high quality, and it’s made in Canada.

    The new Traynor Big Block 115 400W (800W with extension speaker) is the comparable one to the Rocket Bass 210, but it blows it away, and is much more expensive.

    I’m a Traynor guy (surprise!) but I’m very interested in the new Rocket Bass amps, they sound and look really nice.
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  19. The Traynor SB110 was an amazing amp. I did quite a few gigs with it. It could keep up with two guitars and a drummer for pub gigs. Outdoors I used it as a stage monitor with a DI to the PA. I lucked into a sweet deal on an Ibanez SRFF805 bass and fell in love with it. The Traynor didn’t have enough oomph for the long scale B string. It sounded OK but it needed more gas.
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    I hear you. I had to switch fully over to light stuff last year. Always amazes me how much balls people have when they put down people for using light gear before knowing the first thing about their situation.