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    Had an outdoor gig this past Sunday at a local historical society. We set up in the barn and the crowd sat on the lawn picnic style. The gig went really well and we were asked back for later in the summer. My lead singer is a fellow bass player and he and I have identical Fender Rumble 500s, he brought his and we stacked them which sounded great. The promoter of the show owns a studio and he remarked on the quality of the tone. We scared the guitar player out of starting any volume wars which was fun. I also played my first time wearing IEMs and that worked out well too since the stage was so tight and I was so close to the drum kit. In the last pic I'm posing with my rig and haven't changed into my gig attire yet.

    20190623_162055.jpg 20190623_164517.jpg 20190623_162122.jpg [ATTACH=f
  2. Cool gig report, now the first one's out of the way. I never get food pics either so no worries.

    I just acquired an ext cab for my Rumble 500 a couple months ago, really makes it pop. Love that amp and they look great doubled up like that.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Looks like a laid back gig, my favorite kind. Nice outdoor location, early, you're hired to entertain not try and fill the place, solid sound reinforcement, nothing wrong with any of that!
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