Folding horn subs.

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    Apr 17, 2004
    Thinking about upgrading my subs to a set of Cerwin Vega JE-36C. From what I've read the fh sub is a bit more efficient. Anyone have experience with these?
  2. Loud yes, but not a lot of low end.
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    Jan 6, 2011
    Depends on the sub design. Horns are more efficient, cleaner. To really horn load down low they must be pretty good sized. CV's as rule are very short horns, they cutoff much too high to horn load anything below about 60hz, if that.
  4. Hi.

    Assuming folded horns, even though folding horn enclosures do exist due to the fact that in order to get enough mouth area for strong low end reproduction, the size of the cab would need to be that of a van. Or a bus.
    Fun to haul around if You can't take it apart for transporting ;).
    But, on the flipside, You'll get by with 1:10 th of the amplifier power to acchieve the same SPL.

    I wouldn't call those particular CV's short horns, medium lenght or even long ones by todays standards.
    1:10 (throat:lenght) and 1:3 (throat:mouth) or something like that judging by the drawings on-line.

    I'd bet some of the BFM designs will do better, cheaper, and with modern drivers, but then again CV is one of those companies I don't particularily care about, based on the dreadful experiences with their "Disco" type direct radiating horn-look-alike "full range" cabs from the 80's.

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    Those CV's are particularly terrible sounding. I put together a rig for our band a few years back utilizing 6 (3 per side) Yorkville UCS1's (15" horn loaded) that were absolutely outstanding, and ran of one big amp (a QSC PL6). One per side was pretty uninspiring but 2 would keep up with any decent dual 18, and 3 would keep up with 2 double 18's. Best thing is these were easily maneuverable by 1 person. Those CV's are HUGE. I used them once as a last minute rental and absolutely loath them..they are just not very good.
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    Apr 17, 2004
  7. ranbunctious


    Mar 15, 2012
    I've been playing a Sunn Coliseum thru an 18" folded horn Vega sub for many years. Plenty of low end on a 5 string, but I mostly play a 4 string. Always wanted a SVT, but pay bills and rent instead. Will cut thru any Marshall stack or equivalent. Can't imagine using anything else. If you're not getting any low end, either you're not using enough RMS power or need an EQ. Mine stresses the sheetrock WELL below hearing range. All the pictures in the house will shake and I've blown out light bulbs many times. The low end is ridiculous.
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    Jan 21, 2007
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    In my experience horn type subs are designed to generate frequencies rather than amplify frequencies. This leaves the vulnerability of bass feedback when using them for live sound applications. For this reason I prefer to use the horn loaded subs for DJ applications and front loaded driver subs for live sound applications. hope this helps.

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