Fried GK 700rb II Head?

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  1. This evening I received the gk 700rb II amp head that I had previously ordered. All was going well while I was setting it up, however after a few minutes of playing the amp popped and started smoking out of the top. I immediately turned off the power and unplugged the amp, however I'm not too sure where to go from here.

    What is the best way to see if it is actually fried? and if it is, is there any way that I could get in touch with Gallien-Krueger, in regards to repairs?

    Thanks very much.
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    Is it new? If so contact the store you purchased it from and ask for an exchange for a new one. If not go to You should be able to find out the info needed there.
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  4. I actually bought it from a TalkBass member, in the classifieds. It was described as new so I was hoping that he might have some warranty information. However, I checked at GK's site and it appears the warranties only cover the first owner, so I'm not sure there is even a way for me to get it repaired.
  5. GK is known for having great customer support and they stay behind their products, try sending them an email, im sure they are gonna help you.
    DO NOT open the head, thats going to void the warranty
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    is there a biamp setup on it? were you running a 4 ohm cab from an 8 ohm output?
  7. Yupp, sent them an email about half an hour ago. Is there anyway that I can check to see if the amp is actually fried? I haven't turned it on since it started smoking for fear of making it worse.
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    Smoke is not good, 700rb II failures are rare. I would wait to hear from Brian, Jason or Daniel at G-K. E-mail those guys direct.
  9. There is a biamp setting on the amp and I was running it through a 4 ohm avatar 2x12.
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    The "biamp" feature only works with G-K cabs (better called H.M.S., Horn Management System). If you use a 4 conductor speakon "bridge" cable you will damage the amp. A 2 conductor 4 pin speakon is fine as long as the wiring is standard (1+,1-).
  11. The speakon cable that I used was the one packaged with the amp head. I don't think its a "bridge" cable as I didn't see anything indicating that.
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    Yup it's a 4 pin cable. you probably damaged the 50w amp. don't do anything until you receive word from GK
  13. Well, that's unfortunate haha. Do you know if repairs are even possible with this kind of damage?
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    Using the 4 conductor to a normal cab shouldn't cause any issues I don't think - the connector in the Avatar cab will be 2 conductor only so there won't be anything to complete the circuit for the horn amp. At least, that is my understanding - check with GK :)
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    G-K amps use a modular design the only time it is not reasonable to have them repaired is if they were in a fire?