FS/FT Thomastic JR345 Strings

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  1. dcr

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    Got a couple sets of TI strings I'd like to pass on. One is a very slightly used set of JR345's. They stayed on my bass about a month with almost "0" playing time.

    The other is a another set of JR345's. B string is used, but E, A, D, and G NIB. So basically whatcha got is a new set of JR344's and a bunch of slightly used extra strings.

    Both sets come in original boxes. Unused E-G still in OEM wrappers.

    Cut to fit a 35" MTD, so the used strings won't fit a traditional 4-in-a-line headstock, but should do most 34" 3+2 basses.

    Best offer.

    But I'd just as soon trade for more strings. Or perhaps a nice wide leather strap.


  2. 3rdBass

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    PM & email sent
  3. 3rdBass

    3rdBass Funk in A Supporting Member

    I'll take the unused EADG's (JR344's). email sent.