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  1. riti


    Apr 14, 2012
    Does anybody else get totally £&@&ed off with the process of finding a decent band to play with?

    Sure, there are plenty of people advertising for a bassist, but why do only a small percentage actually reply when you contact them (same goes for a lot of individual musicians).

    If you are going to go to the trouble of placing an ad, and presumably you are into music as you're recruiting, what's with the silence?

    Or, they do respond, and then are so half arsed as to not be worth my time. (makes me sound a bit precious doesn't it. Not precious, just keen and frustrated)

    A bit of common decency wouldn't hurt.


    So, does anyone know a good resource in the Uk? Or are they all as unreliable as the guys on bandmix and join my band?


  2. well... i'm in the US so i can't answer the qx... but I'll offer observations anyway.

    i can't speak about running an ad and then not responding to people who contact you. that does seem self-defeating (at the least)

    i can only say that here in Nashville, bass players, good bass players, are in high demand. just keep practicing and be all that you can be (as it were). if you are truly good at what you do, you will land a band. and not only land a band, but land a band that is glad to have you.

    what i tell my son (who is the bass player in the family), there are things you cannot control and things you can cannot control other people, you cannot control what they want, you cannot control their weirdness or eccentricities...

    what you CAN control is YOU. you can control being ready, you can control that you will blow away anyone at any audition, ever. when in doubt...practice more. you cannot practice too much, but it is very easy to practice too little.

    concentrate on what you can control and don't worry about the things you cannot control... and you will make it;

    good luck

  3. Gumtree might be worth a shot. Also there might be Facebook groups you could find such as "Bristol Dep and Band Scene 2012". A load of good musicians i know have joined a site called "Fandalism" which is invite only and worldwide.

    Good luck!
  4. riti


    Apr 14, 2012
    Cheers guys.
    Should have said, I am already in a covers band.

    I am thankful to be with them (great guys), and I genuinely appreciate the reminder about control (and lack of) :) It's easy to get distracted and caught up in the frustration.

    What I wouldn't give to audition for some of those Nashville guys. A bassist friend of mine has just moved to Manchester (UK), as there is so little opportunity to play around here Huntingdon, UK).
  5. remember... it is all about having fun!

    my son is only 15 years old... he has never had an audition that he did not get the job (or into the school....he goes to a guitar playing school called Nashville School of the Arts)....i don't play any stringed instruments but have been coaching him for the last 4 years.

    i can only say...and pardon me if i repeat myself...practice, practice, practice...if you do, ALL GOOD THINGS WILL COME!

  6. klejst

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    Oct 5, 2010
    Here in the US on sites like Craigslist this is pretty common to experience, or at least around my area it is. I like to call them "flakes." It's also common for a group to be looking for another or new member and find some someone who is interested and all for it one day, but then just drops off the planet the next.

    When looking for a band I generally post a ad and let them contact me. Sometimes I will make the first move if I am interested and if they don't get back to me then I move onto the next. I generally don't sit around and wait or deal with people who waste my time.
  7. riti


    Apr 14, 2012
    Hi guys
    Thought I'd give an update.
    Since my last post I've joined a band called Tornado Radio.

    The band is only just coming together (still don't have lead guitar or full time keys) but the recording of an EP was already underway when I met them, and the first three gigs are already booked. One of the highlights for me is that the first gig (6th July) is at the 100 Club , Oxford St, London. If you don't know this club then look it up on google. Very, very excited to be playing there.

    So, you were all right to be persistent. I feel now that this is possibly the most key part of being a practicing musician.

    Thanks guys
  8. I'm too lazy for all that so I just play in my room :p.
  9. riti


    Apr 14, 2012