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  1. grunge_freak


    Aug 3, 2010
    I've been a rock/jazz/metal bassist for my entire life. And for the longest time I've felt like a thoroughly well rounded bassist because I can play a healthy dose of jazzy, thumpy finger style walking bass lines and then kick in my distortion, use a pick and absolutely shred.

    But lately I've been listening to alot of red hot chili peppers and primus (I'm sure you know what's coming...) and needless to say, hearing the ridiculously cool bass lines that Flea and Les Claypool lay down made me realize that all these years I never have even really applied myself to learning how to do slap/funk. So my question is, where do I start? What's the technique? My main bass is an Epi Thunderbird and it's not too good for slapping, but surprisingly I just restrung an old P-Bass copy that I have and it takes really well to the little slapping that I have just now tried on it. Any recommendations are welcome cause I know nothing!
  2. hey grunge_freak

    Go Youtube, lotsa interesting bass teachers out there (e.g. MarloweDK), start playing Bernard Edwards lines, Larry Graham, Bootsie, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke to name a few.

    Saludos from Argentina
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    Yep, keep listening to records. You got the skills apparently, so it's just a matter of learning the style.