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  1. I don't normally use or care for pedals a great deal. I dunno, a little chorus isn't necessarily a bad thing, but that "usually" is about as far as I venture into the "pedal world".

    I live fairly close to the MF/GC warehouse/clearance center and (after several reviews) decided to check out the Tech 21 VT bass pedal. Grabbed a blem model ($120) bucks that had no damage whatsoever (well, the little metal can that it comes in was dented - but the pedal itself is pristine).

    I must say that I am, indeed, impressed. Seems to be just what the Doctor ordered! Just when I was getting a tad "bored" with the SVT4Pro and the SVT6X10HLF...this added a little bit of "grumble" to the overall mix!

    Thanks guys for honest reviews of this product!!
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    I just got back from Key West playing in the house band at the Hogs Breath Saloon, and its a 10-2am Monday thru Sunday gig. Since I fly down there for this particular gig, I have to rely on the house bass amp that is used 4 hours a night 365 days a year (depending on if a hurricane comes thru). On New Years Eve, three nights into the gig, I show up and set the house amp up and no sound at all. I am starting to sweat a little because the place is packed with drunk people wanting to hear Mustang Sally (cringe), and they want the band to start. I had just purchased the VT Bass pedal the previous week and the only option was to go direct with a 1/4 cable into the board, no monitors, and hope for the best. Theres no sound man at this club and we just tweak the board each night for vocals. I loved the way this pedal made my amp and even that house amp sound already, but with the pinch I was in it went above and beyond. I finished the week out with all the tone I needed in that little box. I have never been much for pedals either, but I think the VT Bass pedal is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I also attribute my purchase of this pedal to the reviews from people on here.
  3. Yep....As I stated in the original post, I don't really care for pedals, but this one seems to be a winner...I have been goofing around with it for a couple of days and am really impressed with it.....like you, seems like the begining of a LONG relationship!