FYI: NS Design fingerboard care

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  1. mburd


    Aug 20, 2004
    As we have some significant humidity changes in Maine with the seasonal transitions I usually pick fall/spring to perform my major inspections and adjustments. As the web was all over the map with opinions (go figure..!) I decided to contact NSD directly for their reccommendations. Here is the response from David (who replied in less than an hour!):
    As for the ebony, it's pretty low maintenance. If the board gets 'gunky', a light once over with #000 or #0000 steel wool will do the trick; just be sure to cover the magnetic pickups first. You may apply lemon oil after cleaning, but it should not be necessary. I actually feel that it leads to more board loading, but it does have a nice look and feel.

    Of course, you can always go with the old-school consistent regimen of light cleanings with a warm, damp (not wet) cloth. It's really the best for all wood surfaces. Pretty high-tech, eh?
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