German bow seated.

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  1. Hi
    do German bow players sit down? when i play the E string the bow wants to hit my knee. i tried playing with my daughter's french style violin bow and didn't encounter the problem.
    i have tried various angles and distances without much satisfaction. different angles seem to affect my intonation (which, as a beginner isn't so good anyway) and i am wondering if i really need to adjust everything i practice to the stool technique, thus creating a whole different situation.

    i bought a stool and am wondering if i should return it.
    i welcome any thoughts.

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    Jan 25, 2008
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    I sit when I play, and I use a German bow with no problems. Your problem is probably steming from how you position the bass. Although there are many different ideas on how to play seated, I usually hold the bass with my left knee supporting the bass by the ribs, and with my right leg extended to avoid hitting it with the bow.
  3. Also, dropping the bass away a bit with your left leg helps to get a bit of clearance.
  4. Thanks guys. at least i know i am not committing some travesty in tradition. i will keep at it. thanks again for your responses.