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    How does one go about booking a gig but have no P.A.???

    Long story short.....

    A singer friend of mine has booked a gig but does not own a P.A. This person called me to sub. I've subbed for this person previously. And the previous gig this person had to rent a nice powered Yamaha mixer. I told them I had speakers and monitors. I got called again to sub and I asked right away did they have a P.A.? No! Going to rent again. Got a call today inquiring what should they get and I told them, get the same thing as last time. So they start moaning about the rent cost (something like $100+). So I say, I have a small P.A. we can use. Just pay me extra.

    So I'm assuming the usual folks they gig with provide the P.A. I told this person that it's time for them to own their own P.A.

    Anyone else have to deal with this?
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    Dec 14, 2011
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    Sounds like you are handling it well. For gigs where we have to supply the PA we hire a sound guy and charge extra to cover that service. It's a PITA to have to set up and run sound AND play the music. If you can budget for sound support at any level it is a win win situation for the band and the client.

    If YOU are supplying the sound to a band that has a history of paying for sound support then the band should pay you something for that provision...especially if they are hiring you on an occasional basis.
  3. Right_Butterscotch64


    Oct 18, 2012
    Friend of mine had a gig where the other band forgot their PA so they had to stay later and let the last band use the PA. During a quieter vocal part where the PA didn't sound good while the other band was playing there was a pause in the song. The singer of the band then remarked:
    "This PA sucks" through the mic to the audience with my buddy watching.
    2 seconds goes by and my buddy stands up and yells
    "Get your own damn PA!"
    Needless to say they were quiet to him after the show.
  4. Why don't they just borrow the one they usually use?
  5. DWBass

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    Good question. I'm assuming those cats are playing elsewhere. Singer subbed everyone for this gig.
  6. DWBass

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    Singer agreed to pay me extra.
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    May 10, 2006
    Some people will suck you dry if you let 'em. Just say 'no.'
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    extra as in ???? I'd say get a number.
    If someone asked me to bring a PA on a sub gig, I'd charge $50 for the small PA, and $250 for the larger boom boom version. Mostly because I wouldn't want to carry all that stuff.
    Small PA for a bar, small club or coffee gig is easy, but anything larger than that I would charge the $250 additional and pay someone else $200 to carry my stuff and setup/break down for me. Then I'd make $50 for turning some knobs and providing valuable insight.
  9. Biggbass

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    The story goes that, in the early years, the Van Halens took David Lee Roth on as their singer mostly because he had a PA and they didn't. I would just come to an agreement on a figure that suits the the band and yourself and stick with it as you move forward. Sounds like you're in the driver's seat on this one since you have the PA and they don't.
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    I bet you could get someone to schlep the gear for $100, and make $150 for turning knobs.
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    Here's the thing. Your singer friend thinks he has a band. He doesn't.
  12. DWBass

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    It's all good. Extra money figure agreed on is fine. My P.A. is a small one. Venue is a small intimate spot. I agree, singer friend really doesn't have their own band. I don't understand how one books the gig first then makes calls. It is what it is. I won't always be available.
  13. About 2 years ago I did a gig with a national artist (though in a smallish genre of music) in a city 200 miles away. I'd played bass with him several times, really like his music, so I said yes. He asked about a PA, and I told him exactly what I had, which is 200 watt powered 10 inch speakers, tiny hotspot style monitors, and a decent board. He said, yes, that would be great. I thought it was a bit small for that venue, but figured if he was happy with it, fine.

    Anyway, we have about 40 minutes to set up due to a class in the same room, so I'm rushing around like crazy setting up and tweaking. When he sees my system he starts saying, "oh, this won't do at all! Let me see if the drummer (who was local) has his system in his van". (he didn't).

    The sound was fine, just vocals, harmonium, and acoustic guitar through my system, drums and bass amp were loud enough already. I was too naiive to ask for extra money for the PA, but I learned my lesson. But what bothered me the most was the complaint about my system after I had explained to him in detail what I had, and hauled and hurried to set it up. I ended up loosing money, which was all my fault.

    I've turned down the last three out of town gigs with him....though if he plays in my town and brings his own PA, I'm there!

    So, even for my tiny PA, I'm gonna ask for more money from now on!
  14. A singer without there own PA is like a
    bass player with no bass or amp IMO.
  15. As a bass player I fully agree with your statement above. But...the reality is a lot of singers I know don't even own their own mic, let alone a full on PA system. The problem is, if they owned a PA system, that would mean that they would have to chip in and help load in and out at gigs because the PA is part of their stuff. Lots of singers feel that moving stuff and getting their hands dirty would be counter productive to their status and position of being lead singer and sometimes want-to-be star. Just sayin.
  16. DWBass

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    In their defense, singer does own a Shure wireless mic and stand and expressed interest in purchasing a system.
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    Feb 21, 2010
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    How can you have a gigging band with no PA?
  18. BawanaRik


    Mar 6, 2012
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    I think you have some insight.
  19. DWBass

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    Exactly! Singer was prepared to rent though. Well, singer did rent......from me! Funny, I know another singer who doesn't own a P.A. and was relying on the band members to provide the P.A. We actually did a gig once for low pay and she was gonna take an extra cut for booking the gig! I told her, 'no way in hell'! She didn't have a clue as to how things work! We told her it was a one off for that kind of pay and immediately after the gig, she was trying to the same rate asking about our availability! :confused:
  20. Floyd Eye

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    Feb 21, 2010
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    Most ( notice I say most) singers are complete, self absorbed, brain dead, inflated ego having morons. This is why we do not have a "Lead singer".