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  1. Okay everyone. I would like to satate that this isnt advertising, its helping out a fellow bass player. Okay, so I learned of this place called Global Rocker ( Http:// ). They have something called "Frequent Rocker Points". What it is is points towards items. I am in desperate need of a rig and need some help. Alrtight, what you have to do is sign up ( ) and put me as the one reffering you. Where it says "Referring Member ID", put WRCAPU . This will earn me 1000 points, or 100 dollars. Thank you all for supporting me.
  2. The numbers in your name equal 45. :)
  3. And if it isn't advertising, why is that your first and only post? Most people would try and build a rep before they ask for favours. :meh:

    If you accually reply to this I'll think about you're little Rocker thing. Maybe.
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    Mar 24, 2001
    I still cal it spam. Sorry.