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Got it.......

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Rockin John, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. My Fender Jazz American Deluxe 5 string...brand new.

    :cool: :bassist: :D :hyper:

    OK, I know I'm supposed to post a pic. And I will, as soon as I have a couple of hours to myself so I can photograph it with the wife's dig camera without her knowing.....she doesn't err know i've got the bass err......

    Anyhow, imagine any Jazz 5er with a maple board, black body and gold pick guard. That's it.

    Fact is, the colours weren't my first choice. But the bass played fantastic and much better than the sunburst with pao ferro board I'd gone for.

    Took me almost a year to get it but worth the wait. From a Fender disliker to a firm fan in less than a day!!!

  2. Man, that sounds like an awesome combo. I've never thought of it before. Nice score man! Cant wait for pics!
  3. 4string4ever

    4string4ever Guest

    Apr 18, 2004
    Orlando, Florida
    What happens when she finds out, and you know she will, it's just a matter of time! :bag:
  4. Congrats John! I also just received my Fender Jazz American Deluxe 5 string, however it was earlier in the week. I really didn't consider myself a Fender guy, but I found that my Musicman SR5 as great as it is, was not versatile enough for some of the projects that I play for. Anyways, I tried the Fender 5 out in the store and I was blown away by the sound, feel and overall vibe the bass had, this one has a pao ferro fretboard. Cheers to Udi at L&M's bloor store in Toronto for recommending that I try the Fender out in the first place. In short I am very impressed with the current crop of Fender's American deluxe line. I recorded a trk entitled "Foundations" with it already if anyone is interested in hearing how the newer 18volt Fender Jazz American Deluxe 5 string bass sounds, just follow the link below.


  5. Here's the photo.

    Sorry about the naff quality of my photography - and of the wallpaper............... :eek:

  6. Hmm. Well, 4string4ever, that there's another bass in the house causes no difficulty. That I saved and paid the price of a new carpet, curtains, etc, would cause difficulty..loads of it.

    Yes. Its deception :eyebrow:

    Anyway, haven't even gotten around to pluging it in yet. Just how is it possible to wait so long seeing as I got it Thursday last? :eek:
  7. 4string4ever

    4string4ever Guest

    Apr 18, 2004
    Orlando, Florida
    Good luck.....remember to duck should she start throwing things.... :bag:
  8. Oh, Rockin John, I forgot to ask. Is that Montego black? If so, how do you like it? Can you take a close-up pic of it?
  9. Yes. Montego black. It has a kind if background sparkle to the colour and the black isn't a deep rich black, therefore.

    Cannot say about a close up. Will try but can't promise.