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  1. rnolan


    Jul 13, 2016
    Hi All, I recently fell in love with and bought an Alembic SC Brown from the good people here at bass central (Bass | Electric Bass Guitars | Thanks so much guys, you are great to deal with (and chat to in (my time zone) wee hours).
    I'm a guitar player of over 40years so am really enjoying playing some bass. I finally got the Alembic set up how I like it, takes a while as they are so adjustable, actually, having done guitar building and repair for many years, this bass is an absolute joy to set up (and of course play). My only complaint is it's neck heavy (apparently that just goes with the territory).
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  2. I had to look up Alembic. After seeing the price I know why. Way out of my hobby budget.

    Welcome to our sand box.
  3. rnolan


    Jul 13, 2016
    Thanks, yes they are very expensive (I'll be paying off the plastic for a while), trust me to fall in love with one :-( That said, it's a truly beautiful instrument (to look at and to play). I bought it without being able to try it (as bass central are in Florida and I'm in Australia), but I new it would be great to play, all Alembics are or they don't leave the factory.
  4. Welcome from another Aussie. There are a few of us on TB actually.
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  5. two fingers

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    Feb 7, 2005
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    Welcome to Talk Bass!

    We have an unwritten rule here. You can't have an NBD (New Bass Day) thread without pics. And since you used your welcome thread to talk about your new amazing bass......well....... we need pics!


    Seriously, glad you're here. Being that you build as well as play, I'm sure you will be able to contribute a great deal of knowledge and advice.
  6. Welcome mate,

    There's quite a few of us here. Have a blast and don't feed the trolls.
  7. rnolan


    Jul 13, 2016
    AlembicStanleyBrownModelSmallBody4498FULL (411x640).jpg AlembicStanleyBrownModelSmallBody4498FRT (640x543).jpg Hey two fingers, thanks, like all Australians, happy to throw in my 2cents worth. I'm also an audio engineer so can maybe add some value with gear etc.
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  8. Hey,

    Another Aussie, and Alembic SC owner here. I got mine second hand many, many years ago, it's still very special.

    I've gotta say, yours is a stunning example. Mines a quilted maple top, but that wood (is it walnut?) looks beautiful.

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  9. rnolan


    Jul 13, 2016
    Hey Gazman, cool, they are beautiful instruments. Quilted maple top would look very nice (pics?).
    So yes Flamed walnut top/back, with myrtle centre. Neck is mahogany/birch/walnut. And oil finish, allegedly the SC Brown is the only model oil finish is standard. Absolute dream to play and sounds amazing, so many tones.. Hey I like your Tassie tiger ;-)