Greetings from Australia

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  1. Hello here.

    My name is Michael. I’ve been playing the guitar for almost 15 years and occasionally played bass mostly for recording it for my band. Never had one personal before as it was easier to borrow one for month from my friends, do the stuff and return it.
    Almost a year ago I moved to Australia and it became hard to borrow bass as all my friends are in other part of the world :)
    Recently purchased a StingRay5 but it has some finish problems Lacquer finnish problems

    So here I am now. To get knowledge, chat abut bass gear, may be purchase one if I finally decide what to do with my current one.

    And sorry for mistakes I may have maid - I am not a native English speaker.
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    Welcome to TalkBass! Glad you're here. Hope the finish thing works out for you.

    What kinds of music do you generally play?
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  3. Hi, I play mostly BM with an emphasis on DSBM, Post and Pagan BM.
    As I am mostly guitar player I can play bass with a mediator only (hope I'll learn to play with fingers)
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  4. Howdy mate.
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  5. JRA

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    welcome to TB! :thumbsup:

    i don't have any expertise regarding your finish issues, or your areas of interest (music), but you'll get plenty of help/advice/opinions from folks who do know. stay tuned!
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  6. Good thank you :)))
  7. Hello @m_u

    Welcome to the forum, we always need more Australians here.

    What language do you usually speak?
  8. Thanks, Gazman
    I'm from Moscow so my native is Russian
  9. Welcome m_u