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  1. I have played bass off and on for years but usually in a "pinch-hitting" capacity. I have owned an electric bass of some type or another for at least 20 of the last 30 years mostly to make sure that the low end was covered if I had any kind of jam with enough people. I bought a 7/8 double bass for my son to learn orchestral bass in middle school 7 years ago. As a longtime stringed instrument player, mostly guitar but more banjo in the last few years, I would noodle around with it from time to time and even play bass while my daughter played violin, ukulele or guitar and/or sang. A few years ago our two-some actually did a Christmas show and a Fourth of July show at a country club for my in-laws with both of us switching off on bass. I also ended up being the backup bass player for some local bluegrass picks. The regular bassist texts me when he can't make it. I requested this after several picks turned to mush for lack of bassist and too many "strummy" guitarists. For a variety of reasons I have been playing more and more bass in 2014 both at home alone and at Bluegrass picks and really loving it. I am about to be the bass player for a band at Pete Wernick's Bluegrass Band camp for the first week of January 2015. Part of my intention of band camp was to recruit other band-minded locals. I had hoped that I would be the banjo player in this imagined near-future band but the more I play bass the more I am enjoying it and am okay with anything. I was in a fairly successful rock band from 2002 to 2012 as guitarist and I miss the whole polishing up songs aspect. A banjo playing buddy of mine and I have started a conversation about getting a bluegrass/acoustic band in 2015. So I don't know where all of this is leading but I'm sure enjoying the ride and looking forward to expanding my universe/skills/knowledge on the low end.
  2. Welcome to the forum. We jam acoustic, no amps or drums, ole country, rock, and what ever is called down town on the sidewalks of Mineola, Texas on Saturday mornings, once a month Friday night in Quitman. Yes a lot of fun is had by all. I
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  3. Thanks for the welcome Malcolm. I used to live in Overton and Henderson and used to work in Kilgore and around Owentown just East of Tyler. Small world after all.
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    Welcome Doug !

    I think you have served your apprenticeship on those other instruments, time to get it ON !! :)
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