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Greetings from Wisconsin

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by Ripley1046, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. Ripley1046


    Aug 23, 2012
    Manitowoc, WI
    Just joined the forum, thought I'd introduce myself. I'm recently getting a lot deeper into bass, but I've been a guitarist for about 13 years. Decided I needed something different, so I'm getting away from the rock and punk I usually play on guitar, and moving into an acoustic trio on bass. It's been a challenge, but fun for sure. There's nothing like playing a whole new genre, on a different instrument. I have owned a few basses for a long time, and have always played around the house, but nothing to intensive. Now I'm really trying to work on walking lines and getting some scales and such beaten into my head. I welcome any advice y'all are willing to offer.

    Right now I'm playing a Peavey Fury P bass and a Kramer Focus P bass. Neither of which I would have bought, but a free bass is a free bass...

    Looking into Jazz bass options, mostly at Dean at the moment, or maybe G&L if I can make some cash with this new band. (I manage a music store that sells both brands).

    I've got a really solid Yorkville rig that's suiting my needs quite well. I don't foresee replacing it any time soon.

    Anyway, aside from my new bass addiction, I've been a sound engineer for around a decade, and I love working on/modding guitars and basses. I've got an awesome (almost) 3 year old named Gretsch (it was my wife's idea, honest), and I try to stay as actively involved in the local music scene as I can. Looking forward to meeting some new people here, and learning as much as I can!

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