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    Feb 9, 2019
    So today I put a set of tuners onto my junior jet g2202 125th anniversary after she sat for about a year needing a set. In that time frame, I bought a new amp and a g2224 junior jet to gig with until I remembered that the g2202 just needed tuners. Well after getting her up and playing again, I decided to play them side by side just to see the main difference since I never really got a chance to. Well, I played both of them and come to find out my g2224 has a terribly disappointing tone. The g2202 is just thick and warm with a bit of grit when you dig in and the g2224 is kinda flat and I hate to say it but kinda boring. Does anybody have any ideas what I could do to spice up my g2224? I wouldn't be opposed to selling it if there isn't much I can do but I would love to make it sound similar to the g2202.
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    I’m sure @Pilgrim can help you out
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    My guess is that there's a difference between the pickups in the 2202 and the 2224. AFAIK the 2202 is the older series single pickup bass, and the 1222 was a two-pickup version of the 2202.

    The pickup in the older 2202 was a TV Jones design, but made by Gretsch. As far as I know (<note qualifier) the older 1222 double-pickup Gretsch model also used this pickup. I have found this to be one of the ballsiest pickups around.

    I'm not sure that the current chrome soapbars in the 2220 or 2224 are the same design as the older pickups, but there are no external visual differences. They are simply described on the Gretsch website as "Gretsch Mini Humbucking." I've never seen an authoritative statement as to whether they are still using the same pickups. I have a suspicion that Gretsch was paying a fee to TV Jones for using their ickup design and decided to change to a slightly different pickup.

    You could play with the caps and pots in the system, and if you like a flatwound-tone, a set of tapewounds on the 2224 might be a nice change. I'm not sure what the result would be.

    It's hard to track what changed and when. Gretsch keeps shifting their model numbers, and the newer series basses have differences from the older models. I have a very modified 2220 which has TV Jones ThunderTrons installed (I didn't install them), and therefore I'm pretty sure that the TV Jones ThunderTron and Gretsch FilterTron pickups would fit into the 2220. However, unless you can get pickups at a killer deal, the pickups would cost as much as the bass.

    Another thought - if you can find pickups out of an older 2202 and install them, I bet you'd be in business. I see them on Ebay occasionally, so searching might turn something up.

    Incidentally, I have two basses with ThunderTrons (a ThunderJet and the modified 2220) and one with FilterTrons (orange 5123), and frankly I can't tell any particular difference in the sounds. That may be as much due to differences in the instruments as in the pickups, and I know my ear isn't very discriminating when it comes to pickups. I just tweak them until I like the sound.

    SHORT TAKE: Good luck with this one. My guess is that it's the pickups, but I'd probably try a set of tapewounds or a brighter flat like Chromes before giving up on the bass.
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    Feb 9, 2019
    So I've been searching for a 1222 and it seems that they are very elusive. Even the 1212 seems hard to find. Ive tried a few different string options and it still wont hold its own against the 2202. Maybe I can get ahold of a 1222 or a 1212 and swap the pickups into the 2224 and make it a little more playable. Because the neck is fantastic and I have it set up exactly where I prefer it, the tone just sucks lol