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Guitar shops in Boston area?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by lopsy_lu, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. lopsy_lu


    Feb 15, 2005
    Scotland, UK.
    Hi there,

    I'm visiting Boston, Massachusetts in early April and am keen to try and check out some guitar shops to take advantage of the exchange rate to save money...my current Ibanez just isn't cutting it so its time for some new gear..

    I was just wondering if any TB'ers can help me out as far as the location/websites of some decent guitar shops in Boston?

    also any info on the ease/difficulty of taking a bass guitar from the US to the UK by plane would be much appreciated..

    many thanks. any replies much appreciated.
  2. There are several "Guitar Centers" in the Boston area, http://www.guitarcenter.com , theyre a megastore type place, and theres a few "Daddy's Junky Music"s in the area too, i think the link is http://www.daddysjunkymusic.com , im not sure though.

    There are also alot of small independent stores around. Whereever youre staying, look in the phone book.
  3. Stay away from Daddys Junky Music. They a complete rip off.
    If your not from the area stick with Guitar Center.
  4. If you're talking about the guitarist, you're at the wrong site really. And I believe there's some kind of infamous vintage instrument place in Boston, 7th street or something? Help me out fellow TB'rs!
  5. Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones Banned

    Feb 28, 2001
    Northampton Mass


    Mister Music...Harvard ave, Allston

    Cambridge Music,Mass Ave Cambridge

    The Place thats on mass ave between Central Sqare and Harvard Sq (acoustic instruments)

    Rock City Guitars.....Davis Square Summerville

    that place in the office building next to Jordan hall new england conservitory. its on huntington (out bound side)between a liqure store and a convience(on the corner) with a bus stop in front of it. This Place is Cool and well worth the search.

  6. In addition to those, these are easy by subway=red line or by a number of busses.

    oops - someone beat me to this - Cambridge Music Center - Mass Ave, Cambridge @ Porter Square

    Rockin Bob's Guitars/Used Sound - Davis Square, Somerville - usedsound.com

    Will you have access to a car? If so, there are others.

  7. I'm sorry. I didn't know being a bassplayer meant you could only like other bassplayers. I guess I'll throw away all my Hendrix CD's. All I meant to say was avoid Daddy's Junky Music.
  8. Snarf


    Jan 23, 2005
    New York, NY
    DON'T GO TO DADDY'S JUNKY MUSIC. They're right across from Berklee so they try to rip us off with ridiculous string prices.

    Guitar Center on 750 Comm Ave is pretty decent, as long as you're playing the used basses, new ones aren't set up at all.
  9. I have bought some good used stuff at Daddys - but I live here so I can bring it back. I rarely buy new stuff that I can buy anywhere else from them. My rules for dealing with Daddys WRT used and display gear:

    1. Examine any potential purchase with a microscope.
    2. You absoultely have to bargin and you better know what the item is worth - - sometimes they price used stuff higher than the same item new . Be prepared to walk away, either as a bargining tactic or just walk away and drop the deal. Remember there is always something else out there.
    3. MAKE 100% SURE THAT YOUR WARRANTY IS INDICATED ON THE RECIEPT - Daddys seems to think that if you bargin the price down, they get the right to write or check off "as is/no warranty" on the reciept. I have once let them do that in exchange for an additional reduction in price but I was very sure of the piece I was buying.
    4. Understand that while Daddys does have some good stuff, it is also where people dump stuff that they would never sell to a friend and are afraid or too lazy to sell on ebay.