Guvnor Acoustics

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  1. i went to see my teaching schedule for this week at the store i teach at and noticed that the boss :p had some new acoustics, Guvnor's apparently, rather nicely priced, and looked purdy....gave the two of them a once over and liked them a hell of a lot...

    heres the slightly cheaper one
    and the slightly more expensive one

    i like the headstock of the expensive one better

    but i gotta say the cheaper one was better overall IMO, smaller body, although the flame maple top looks a little cheesy, it was a very nice bass, the other was good, almost as good, had a bigger sound but was a little too big, especially after playing the smaller on..

    but the cool thing with this brand is that they come with a credit card style warranty, 5 years and you use the card as proof of purchase
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    Apr 6, 2003
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    Look interesting, but remember, smaller body = less sound. A good ABG is generally pretty darn big for a good reason.
  3. thats what i thought.but plugged in, it sounded huge....a bit more punchy than the larger one