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  1. What do fellow TBers know about "half-speed" machines for practicing. I've read a few people recommending them to slow down the music to facilitate playing parts, hearing subltety in parts etc.

    Anybody used one? Brands? Features?
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    I use a Tascam BT-1 and I couldn't live without it. Ok, I could but it would be harder. However, I almost never use it at 1/2 speed. By the time you go to 1/2 speed you cannot hear the notes well enough.

    But, there's more! It can also boost the bass and change the pitch. It can cut the bass too, but I find it hard to play along to songs with no bass drum :meh:

    Plus it has all sorts of cheesy effects you can play with when you are bored.
  3. ...Haven't used a bought one....
    ....I downloaded "Amazing Slow-downer":

    Amazing Slow Downer

    .. and I LOVE it, INCREDIBLY useful, particularly for playing along with a CD track that's too fast for me to play accurately up to speed; you can decrease the speed by percentage, without affecting the pitch...
    ... of course, the more you slow it down, the more it degrades the sound, but I find it to be no problem down to about 60% of original tempo.

    ...btw, I'm still using the free Trial version, but I'm gonna buy it for sure.....inexpensive and Hella useful practice tool :bassist:
  4. did you know Windows Media Player also can change the speed without changing pitch? and it's free....

    Its under Enhancements, Play Speed settings.
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