Hartke HyDrive 5410C

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  1. Has anyone here been able to get their hands on a New Hartke HyDrive 5410C ?
    Here a little info. . . .
    It's a new Combo Not yet available in the Samash stores on the east coast in the USA, this is a Sam Ash Brand and it's seem to be available on the west coast, and some mail order houses and even E-Bay.
    The Combo looks sweet . . ...
    Delivers 500 watts to its internal 4 ohm speaker system.
    Four 10-inch HyDrive neodymium hybrid cone speakers
    1-inch titanium high frequency horn

    want to know what Bass Players are saying about this combo!


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  2. X Ray

    X Ray

    Aug 31, 2009
    I played the LH1000 head through the HX410 HyDrive cab, which should sound nearly identical to this combo. I think this would be a NICE combo "IF" the cab was ported to add a little more low end, which in my opinion, this cab lacks. I play metal, and I like to fill in the sound below and above the guitars. That cab has the highs I like, but lacked the low end that I need. But this is because it's a sealed cabinet. I bet adding a port, and playing with the length would make a nice difference.

    If you're more into funk, or don't need a gang load of low end, this would be a SICK combo, IMO.

    Go to Sam Ash, and check out the HX410 cab and one of the LH heads. This is basically what that combo is.
  3. MikeCollatos


    Oct 5, 2009
    This is basically the LH500 head mounted on top of the HX410 cab. The cab has just been extended up to allow the mounting of the amp. Go to Hartke's web site and check out the pic's of each and you will see.

    Read this thread and you will get all the info you need on this combo.