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  1. So I'm a novice and I'm kind of unaware of a few things. I've been shopping for a new set-up and I have a deal where I can get an aguilar 750 head for a great deal. They are also willing to sell a bag end Q10B-D 4x10 Cab relatively cheap as well..

    So here's the issue.. can I run this 8ohm only head into this cab without wrecking it? I've read that you can do this.. thoughts? Ideas.. ?
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    The head will do anything as low as 2 ohms, so 8 ohms is just fine, so is 4, so is 2.
  3. Jimmy's comments are correct, but your question is a little confusing. You call the Aguilar 760 a "8 ohm only head." It's not. Even if it was, the cab is an 8 ohm cab.

    Expanding on Jimmy's answer, the Aguilar 750 manual shows that it puts out 975w at 2 ohms, and 750w at 4 ohms. It doesn't list the power at 8 ohms, but with a SS power section, it should handle 8 ohms just fine and probably will provide around 400w. That cab is a pretty high power cab, so you won't be stressing either the cab or the head at that rate, and the head would be perfectly capable of powering a second identical cab if you cared to add one later. That would change the load to 4 ohms and your head would be able to provide 750w to the two cabs.