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    Hello to all. My main reason for joining the forum is vintage tube amps. I am rebuilding/restoring old amps as my return to tubes, after being away from tube electronics for several decades. In recent months I have acquired a couple of early 60's Ampegs, both non-working at the time.

    The B-12-N is a '63, and is in great shape in appearance. It must have spent a long amount of time in storage, I'm thinking because it didn't work. The chassis was full of lint and spider webs (along with a bunch of little dried up spiders). To make a long story short on that one, it is now working and is super quiet.

    The B-12-XY is a '64, and has seen more use. But, has cleaned up very well. This one was very trashed and messy in the chassis, as compared to the other, which had little sign of human touch. I believe that the reason for the mess is the fact that this amp came wired different from the schematics available on the Internet. So, any troubleshooting would have been a nightmare.

    Tube triode assignments for the two 6D10 tubes were different from what Ampeg had drawn. This amp had no schematic in the chassis platform, like the other. So, I hand-traced the whole amp circuitry, using the factory schematic as a reference and a place to make my markups.

    I then CAD'ed a new schematic for it and began troubleshooting. I got the amp working as it should, but am now chasing hum. I will start a thread on that, rather than here.

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting your help, and returning the favor as often as I can.


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