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    Apr 14, 2012
    Hello from a new member and newbie bass player! I have been a guitar player and songwriter for over 25 years. I recently (less than a year ago) received a request from my band members to learn to play bass guitar. Since I wasn't sure I am up for this challenge I decided to start safe and slow and bought a $70 no-name acoustic bass guitar on E-Bay.

    When it arrived I quickly realized that I essentially obtained a toy, not an instrument of any quality. But after some extensive TLC it became playable. Few months later, when I could already play something (hit the root notes) I sold it and got myself a nicer solid Spruce topped Tingewood acoustic bass.

    It was well built and sounded ok. I owned it for a while. However being spoiled by top of the line acoustic guitars and having some knowledge in luthery I instinctively wanted something better. So, recently I replaced it with a very nice (looking and sounding) US made acoustic bass made of solid Spruce top and solid Mahogany back and sides. I don't deserve it yet from the level of playing perspective, but I really enjoy it.

    I am stock to an acoustic bass guitar for now, because of my acoustic guitar background. During rehearsals with a band I play electric bass provided by one of the band members. At home, however, I like to play along with a recording or even do some solo playing unplugged. All that said I am still a newbie who only knows enough about bass playing to understand how much he doesn't know.

    See you all on the forum! :)