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  1. RhythmRain


    Jun 10, 2020
    Hi everyone!! I am completely new to the bass, but have been learning guitar for many years on and off. I started to get the bass bug a few years ago when I noticed that I hear and feel it more in songs. So I’ve finally taken the jump and got myself one.

    I’ve been a member of TDPRI for years, and a few people mentioned I should sign up here. So, I did!

    A little about me...I’m a 50 year old (yikes) female, I love all types of music. Honestly when I was younger, I was into the basic rock, pop stuff. But when I started learning guitar, I literally heard music in a different way and my music tastes have grown all over the map. The stuff I used to listen to, I love even more. And all the stuff that got by me, I have a new appreciation for.

    When I started on my bass journey, I began researching affordable but well made basses. First I was stuck on wanting a Fender P bass because I know it’s legendary. But research suggested I go the short scale route. I finally decided on a Hofner Ignition. I’m a big Beatles fan, but honestly I didn’t like the Hofner at first. I always associated bass with more the Fender styles. But once I started doing research, I loved it. I love that it’s light and hollow, but you plug in for sound. The short scale is still longer than my Tele, so that is super helpful. I’m only about 5’3” and have kinda short arms, lol.

    Anyway I won’t ramble on too much here, just keep it to a short introduction. Looking forward to reading around and sharing, and of course, bombarding you all with my many Noob questions :smug:

    Here are some pics of “Sir Paul” (yep):

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    Jun 2, 2020
    Cape Cod
    Welcome aboard from the Sunny Southwest!!
    Glad to see your finally posted and aboard here!!
    I’m still searching for a plain Tele guitar!! My Squier VM 72 Tele Thinline doesn’t quite count on account of the Wide Ranging Humbuckers!
    Love those Hofner basses- only time I played one was in a GC store in Albuquerque.
    Sir Paul is a fitting name! Light and short sounds better and better the older I get!
    Keep on posting!
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    Take your guitar sheet music and now instead of strumming the chord play notes of the chord.
    I know -- how many notes? Follow the chords and start with the root of the active chord on the first beat and the 5th on the 3rd beat of a 4/4 time signature song.

    When that gets old add an 8. R-5-8-5 will play a lot of bass. Roots, fives and eights plus the correct 3 and 7 should get you started. If a major chord try R-3-5-6. Love the sound of the 3's and 6's. Let the 2 and 4 be passing notes, i.e. do not stop on a 2 or 4. Why? Your playing chord tones and the Sus and Add chords are the only ones that have a 2 or 4 in their make up, that I know of -- and how many of those do you see in the music you play? So keep the 2's and 4's as passing notes, or better still just don't use them right now.

    This will help:
    Major scale box showing scale degree numbers
    and the root note on the 4th string.
    G~~|---2---|-------|---3---|---4---| 1st string
    E~~|-------|---R---|-------|---2---|4th string
    Happy trails.
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  4. RhythmRain


    Jun 10, 2020
    Thanks for the warm welcome and likes, everyone!

    I am actually quite proud of my progress after only one week of learning. I started lessons on the Fender Play site, which I signed up for with the 3 month freebie (because my guitar skills are all over the place and I definitely need to up my game) and now decided to stay on for the bass. I’m thrilled that at first it felt awkward but now it’s comfortable. On top of that, I cheated and found a short lesson for Another One Bites The Dust. I suspect this may be one of those “taboo” bass lines that everyone learns and busts out in the stores while trying out instruments, like the “stairway to Heaven” of bass. :roflmao: But I don’t care, I’m just happy that I got to down in just a week, not perfect but pretty good for my ears.

    I’ll see y’all around the threads now!!
  5. Beersurgeon


    Jul 16, 2010
    Welcome to the wonderful world we call TB!!!!