Help me design my pedalboard (with cab sim)

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  1. Proton90


    Sep 28, 2016
    Hey folks!

    I am trying to put together a design for a pedal board that would let me use my amp and cabs along with a dedicated cab sim pedal. The goal would be to be able to use this rig for all purposes, be it a wedding party with a function band or a full force rock gig with a power trio I am in.

    What I have now:
    - A Fender Modern Player Satin JB
    - A Markbass Little Mark 250 (Black Line)
    - 2 GK CX210 cabs

    For FX and modeling I now use a Zoom G5n, which will do a for a while but I wish to create something more complex and modular. It's really a pedal designed with guitarists in mind, so it can't do much for bass except for distortion. Although the Line6 Helix Stomp would be the perfect compact solution, upon trying the Helix VST plugin I found it less than stellar sounding, maybe a board would fare better.

    I intend the pedalboard to have the following effects:
    - A compressor: I thought of the TC Electronic Spectracomp - tiny but powerful, it woul be turned on only when I'm slapping
    - A drive pedal: I have two contenders, a Darkglass Vintage Microtubes and a Tech21 Programmable DI. The Darkglass has a great tone but the Tech 21 is much more felxible with its 3 presets > What are your epxeriences with them?
    - A chorus pedal: it's not really important what brand, a cheaper alternative might do

    AAAAAAAAAND, here comes trouble:

    I want these FX sent to my amp while also going to a cab sim pedal. My amp would be my stage monitor, giving me the air-moving-experience, while the cab sim would be routed to the PA, so the drive tones could be mixed properly.

    I have laid my eyes on the DSM & Humboldt Bass Simplifier, as it has FX loops for both serial and parallel type FX. It it possible to go into this pedal first and send a pure (sans cab sim) signal to my amp through it, or should I get a splitter for this purpose?

  2. amper


    Dec 4, 2002
    The Simplifier Bass Station’s cabsim is always active. The only ways to get a non-cabsim output are:

    A. to use the “Thru” setting, which bypasses the entire unit,
    B. set the cabsim blend to nothing, in which case, none of the outputs will have the cabsim signal,
    C. use the FX loop send.

    You might find the DSMnoisemaker OmniCabSim Deluxe works better for you, which is essentially the Simplifier minus the Humboldt preamp on the front of it.

    You could use an ABY box, or you might just send the cabsim signal to your on-stage amp. Many people find that works well for them.

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