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Help with touring the east coast

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by Joe Nerve, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. Joe Nerve

    Joe Nerve Supporting Member

    Oct 7, 2000
    New York City
    Endorsing artist: Musicman basses
    The Nerve! just got signed to Heyday records and one of the things they want us to do for ourselves is start touring. They're gong to help us somwhat with contacts and booking - but the bulk of the work is going to fall on our shoulders. While I'm game to hit the road, I've done it before and know that it CAN be a colossal waste of time. I want to do everything in my power to make this a really worthwhile experiece. In short....

    What we can offer you:
    • The Nerve is presently playing and booking one night a month at CBGB in NYC. We can promise a spot to a worthwhile band between 2 happening NY bands - and guarantee you won't be playing to an empty house.
    • We're also booking the ONLY place in Bklyn that has rock shows anymore. All shows there have been drawing 200 plus kids. They're all ages shows.
    • We can also give lots of contact info for venues, message boards, blah, blah blah.
    What we're loooking for from you:
    • Any gigs from Maine, Conn, Mass, PA, RI, NY or Delaware that WON'T be a waste of our time and gas. We're also open to doing cover gigs at a minimum $400 per show.
    • Any contact info, message boards, fanzine info, radio station contacts, etc. that'll give us the most bang for our efforts.
    • Anybody willing in any of those places to put us up for a night. We're all real nice guys. :)
    Thanks. I'm probably going to bump and/or repost this a couple of times in the next months. Please bear with me as this is the best place I know to get help with these matters. Wouldn't mind a bump on you guys if nobody is responsing also.

    More info on The Nerve! at the link below.
  2. mr e

    mr e

    Nov 17, 2003
  3. jive1

    jive1 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member Commercial User

    Jan 16, 2003
    Owner/Retailer: Jive Sound
    Hey Joe, if you decide to make it down to Washington DC let me know.
  4. jondog


    Mar 14, 2002
    NYC metro area
    Hey Joe, congrats again! Do you know about www.wsou.net here in NJ? Definitely a major radio market and they'll probably interview you and/or do a yank or crank call in show. PM me if you want more info.
  5. kobass

    kobass Supporting Member

    Nov 3, 2003
    Outside Boston
    Hey Joe, congrats! If you come up to the Providence, RI area, you MUST play Lupo's. Check it out at www.lupos.com

    Good luck.
  6. dude...play in Baltimore,it's most definitly whats up.
  7. Joe, you have NO idea how much it means to me that you've pulled it for ALL AGES SHOWS. Please, come to providence! Put me on the guest list, hell, maybe give me a 30 minute opening spot if I can get my **** together!

    The Century Lounge or The Call are better places for smaller gigs in providence, but it's still run by Rich Lupo.

    Also, I am more then happy to lend you guys mi casa for a night.
  8. Congrats Joe... if you ever want to cross the border I'll try to set something up with you.
  9. Gabu


    Jan 2, 2001
    Lake Elsinore, CA
    Cool beans, Joe. I wish you were on the West Coast because I would love to watch your show.

    Let me know when you are ready to come to the West Coast and I will drop a few names for ya.