Helping friend find his first bass.. Squier content..

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by LKdubby, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. LKdubby


    Nov 2, 2007
    Los Angeles
    I thought this is a great deal for $170 and would be a perfect setup for my friend to begin with:

    However he doesn't have the funds to buy anything right now, AND he doesn't feel like riding as a passenger to Burbank to test this bass out.. Lazy Fool.. :meh:
    Not to mention that he's been looking at a Black & White Squier J-bass at GC and he says that it's the one he's fallen in love with.. But that GC Squier is $175 by itself without all the combo candy... I'm trying to show him that if he doesn't mind doing a little footwork that he can find good stuff out there used!!

    From another perspective though there are things out of this deal that I could technically use for myself.. (General Gear GAS!)
    I'm trying to weigh out whether or not it's worth my time to buy the package and pick some things out of it.. For instance;

    • 1. I've been thinking about getting another case because I have 3 basses and only 2 cases..
    • 2. I've also been thinking of getting a smaller practice amp that I can tote around the house with me easier than my Ampeg BA115..
    • 3. I could use another strap as I only have one.
    • 4. I could use the basic tuner since I only have an electric "guitar" tuner..
    • 5. I could use the spare cable, though it's probably a generic if it came with his package deal..

    Theoretically after buying this package then I could sell the Squier P bass by itself, possibly even to my friend if he decided he liked it once I had it back at the house after driving to Burbank by myself..

    Do you all think $100-$125 is a fair asking price for that bass by itself, no case??

    Let's say I sold the bass for $100, then that would mean I bought a 38Watt amp, a soft case, a tuner, and (generic) cable for $70. Is that worth it?

    I can tell you that I would really love to have a smaller amp to tote around to the porch, second floor, work, etc.. That alone might be worth $70 to me.. Of course that's providing it's a decent amp for the needs..

    Are there any opinions on what I'm sharing and asking about? Suggestions maybe?

    Thanks again!
  2. LKdubby


    Nov 2, 2007
    Los Angeles
    Ok, apparently the bass sold already.. I figured it would go fast because it definitely seemed like a good deal.. I just couldn't justify spending that much for a complete package right now when I've already got everything I need.. I just thought maybe I could turn the bass around by itself and get some additional gear to add to my collection for a decent price..

    Oh well.. It's too late now..