Hey you’all from Charleston, SC

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  1. gregunit


    Feb 23, 2006
    Charleston, SC
    Have been playing bass with my son-in-laws from about 10 years.
    Band name is 7 Seize. We are a 3 piece band and we play originals written by Scott, the lead guitar man and main vocalist. Scott lets the drummer and I invent our own parts. The band sound a lot like Paul Gilbert, Nuno Bettencourt (guitar wars), Dokken

    My other band is the Retros, a 5 piece classic rock and oldies combo with drums, bass, a real classic rocker on guitar and a Hammond b3. The 5th person is our front-man and he is a real entertainer, can really get them on their feet. Everyone sings - good harmonies.

    Occasionally we are asked to play blue grass, and as such we add the lead guitar players 87 year old father as lead guitar and vocalist, and a fiddle.

    35 years ago I played 2nd sax for the Hiram Thomas Band (LA, CA) and with the Disney Sound Castle. I was also a clarinetist playing with the LA Philharmonic.

    I’m not innovative or fast, just a good all-around musician that loves to play with and for good people.

    My equipment is simple, Hardke 4 string, Roland DB-700 Combo. Light, carry all in, in one trip, has all the sound I need.