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Hi everyone, I'm new here

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by Alex R, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. Alex R

    Alex R

    Feb 9, 2020
    I just joined the other day. I'm a 38 year old guy from Australia. I've recently picked up my bass and guitar again after a long break from both. Out of nowhere I just felt like playing bass along with my favourite songs, and I'm enjoying how much I get to feel the bass through the strings and the body as I play.
    A couple of years ago me and my therapist found that I'm on the autism spectrum, and when I told her recently that I've been playing bass again she was encouraging. I think the sensory element of playing bass is good for me - it's been soothing.
    So far I've been playing along to some Metallica, Type O Negative, Flyleaf, and one or two Devin Townsend songs. I'd like to do more of these, but I feel like now that I'm older I want to explore so many more genres of music. I especially want to play more prog rock like Scale the Summit, eventually.
    I used to spend a lot of time on guitar forums before I stopped playing. I always found them informative and fun. So I'm sure I'll enjoy being here too, and learning from the discussions.
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  2. Malcolm35


    Aug 7, 2018
    Sounds like a plan. Welcome.
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  3. Electricalbass


    Dec 13, 2017
    NW Montana
    A kind welcome from NW Montana! Check out the thread where the bassline is the song for some good grooves in various genres! I would post a link but I have not figured that out yet.
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  4. Alex R

    Alex R

    Feb 9, 2020
    Thanks, I just found that thread and it looks like it's full of info. That'll keep me going for a while.
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  5. dramatwist


    Sep 27, 2019
    ...warm welcome... lotta good advice around here, and a lotta BS...
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  6. Samatza


    Apr 15, 2019
    Welcome to TB my fellow Aussie. You’ll find loads of stuff to like here, some serious, some fun.
    Glad to hear you’re getting into the bass, good luck with it all and let us know how you’re doing.
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