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  1. Hi! My route to bass goes like this:
    • try to learn the cello as an adult
    • only played/practiced by myself, got bored, gave up
    • joined a ukulele group that meets every couple of weeks, played badly, had a lot of fun
    • needed some bass in the group, so I made an upright bass out of a plank of wood
    • after a couple of years playing that, finally took the plunge to buy an actual bass guitar a week ago
    • joined this forum!
    Hello and if you know any good teachers in Melbourne point em my way!
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    G'Day, how did you enjoy Moomba this year?
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    Always wanted a stand up, but, the budget would not stretch that far. Did make a washtub bass from a number 3 wash tub and a broom handle with weed eater line for the strings. Not a lot of music came from that setup.

    I know where you can get a good deal on a used number 3 washtub with a hole in the bottom if you are interested.

    Can not help with the teacher, but, welcome to TB.
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  4. Welcome!! You’ll have a good time here!

    Shame about the F1 being cancelled- I’m a fan even though I live in Arizona!!

    Jazz or P bass- Gibson??? Or Musicman?? Ibanez??? Hmmm getting the urge to get another now...:thumbsup::thumbsup:
  5. Fender player jazz. Tried a few in the shop it just sounded and played the best within my budget.
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  6. Nice! Got me a Fender Jazz a couple years ago- LOVE it- got the nitro sunburst Classic 60s with the reverse tuners etc etc-
    Just a lovely instrument-
    Hope your playing the #>*! out of it!!
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    Nov 17, 2019
    Welcome! I'm a new member myself, but a long time player and a long time fly-on-the-wall in these forums. It's the best place to find all the support you need. Have you considered amplification yet?
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    Nov 17, 2019
    My Nana used to play a tub bass in the band that they had in her retirement home! My grandad played fiddle. They had so much fun with it. Here's only had one string though. She'd bend the broomstick to play different notes!
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    I added the s as a typo it only had one string. You could pull back on the broom handle and get two or three notes, not going to get into pitch or key....
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  10. I have a keyboard amp / PA that I use for the uke group, 12 inch woofer, 90 watt. Get's the job done but I'm considering swapping out for a fender rumble 100, which should be lighter, has overdrive, and takes a high impedance input without extra cables and devices in the chain. Dunno if it would sound any better though so hard to justify the purchase.