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hofner club bass q's

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by tony moore, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. i just bought a hofner ct club bass from a fellow tb'er and have a few q's for those in the know:

    - anyone have any luck finding a case for these? the silver rectangular ones for the german basses are pretty spendy. the brand doesn't matter to me, as long as it fits and protects it.

    - anyone care to explain the controls? are they the same as other hofner type basses?

    - did hofner ever release an icon club bass? just curious...

    - anyone with experience care to offer their thoughts on the differences between the hofner club bass models? again, just curious...

    i've never owned a hofner type bass and have always loved the sound of them and the looks of club basses. it's too soon to tell if i love it yet or not, but i do like it immediately and need to spend some more time getting to know it better. the pickups in this ct club are crazy hot! louder than either my mim fender jazz with norstrands or my mim fender precision with a bill armstrong. the p.o. installed thomastik "beatle bass" flats and they feel and sound great to me. i may need to raise the action a bit with them tho'... it's really interesting how basses make you play differently. i've read that before and experienced it somewhat, but it's very true for me with this bass. it makes me play with a lighter touch which really changes the way i typically play. fun stuff...


  2. I have never found one thus it being caseless. I "think" there is a gig bag that will fit it but I have not looked in awhile.

    It is the same as all Hofner basses. It is hard for me to think about without looking at it and I could not find anything on line. Someone with good explaining skills will come along and respond to this.

    They said they were going to and I have heard another country got some but I have never seen one and conversations about releasing one have died down on Hofner forums.

    You mean difference between the US model and the Contemporary model?

    A site/forum with alot of great Hofner info is http://beatgearcavern.com/forum/
  3. How's that Hofner working out for you?

    They are terrific basses and sound identical to the Violins shaped ones. :bassist:
  4. There is a Club Bass made by Hofner for around $750; saw it in a NYC store. JM2C.
  5. bovril


    Nov 16, 2008

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