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  1. Brink of Bass

    Brink of Bass

    Apr 23, 2017
    Hello Groovers & Thumpers

    I picked up a Hovercraft Elder Giant about 9 months ago off Reverb and have been absolutely engulfed in musical bliss from its cascading array of tones, I have since been on the search for acquiring another Hovercraft head as a back up and to add an additional voice of flavor into my mix. I was wondering if anyone has tried using other models of Hovercraft heads for a bass guitar application such as the Falcon, Caribou, Andromeda, or one of his one off creations and if so what your thoughts were on how it handled the lower and higher frequency ranges. I'd also be potentially interested in purchasing a hovercraft head from someone if your thinking of parting with one other then dwarvenauts heads. Id also be interested in any hovercraft bass cabs if your with in reasonable distance of Minnesota because the whole shipping things can be troublesome with heavy items like such.
  2. Korladis

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    The band that shares our rehearsal studio has a Hovercraft Falcon. Maybe I'll ask them if I can try it.