How can you tell the difference between an Eden WT800 A, B, and C?

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  1. Need to make sure I'm not getting the A which can only bridge to 4 ohms, guessing there is some way to tell them apart :)
  2. rufus.K


    Oct 18, 2015
    My wt500 says 500-a on the back 20161123_183102.jpg right below the fuse rating
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    If it has the banana speaker output's on the back, it is an "A" model and bridges 800w into 8 ohms only.
    The "B" model had speakons and still bridged to 800 w but @ 4 ohms iirc.
    The "C" model has speakons and bridges into 1100w @ 4 ohms. This one also has the "porch light". The Eden logo on the front is backlit when the amp is on.
    Where it gets confusing is there were revisions to the "A" model that were labeled.... yep "B" and "C".

    I've had the "A", and currently have the "C" model.
    Hope this helps.
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