How to get a Growl/Warmth effect

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  1. camsterx


    Jan 12, 2014
    Unlike some people on here i will tell you my gear so you get a better idea and the 0 to ten is the volume levels im very busy during the week so please e-mail me at i will get back ASAP

    Bass guitar:Schecter Omen extreme 4
    Pickups:Schecter diamond bass
    Electronics on the bass:Master VOL/Blend/Active 2-Band EQ

    Amp:Tc electronic BG250 Combo
    Gain:goes from 0 to 10
    Bass:From -5 to 5 i guess -5 means lowest volume
    Middle:Same settings as the bass
    Treble:Same setting as the bass
    Tone print: this setting doesn't matter its just for beaming in special amp/pedal effect from the website
    Master: 0 to ten

    Thanks a million