How to learn when you can' t access a tutor?

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    Jun 10, 2018
    Hi Bassists! I'm a new member of this forum and relatively new to the Bass as an instrument.

    I live in a rural part of Wales, because of this I haven't been able to find an instructor anywhere close to me, currently to learn I have been using Rocksmith & Yousician.

    I have been reading on this forum before notice a lot of responses on this forum tell self taught players to get a tutor. But In the event that someone can't find a tutor that is close enough (like myself) what is the best way to learn?
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    Apr 2, 2007
    Lots of good teachers giving lessons by Skype or Facetime these days. In a perfect world, who would be your dream teacher? Make a list of 10 players, then reach out to see if they teach. You'd be amazed that some of the very top, legendary bassists are available for lessons. :)
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    Jul 3, 2007
    I learnt at a time when there was no internet and very few guitar teachers let alone bass teachers so I listened to records (vinyl), lifting the arm back repeatedly, until I worked out what was being played and copied it.

    I never learned to read music properly because most of the sheet music you could buy was either wrong, scored for piano and not in the same key as the record, or quite often both.

    I was in a band at school and it seemed like a good idea to sign up for Spanish guitar lessons at evening classes (they were free) we went to 3 lessons and they were still on how to tune up, at that point we bailed because we were already playing regular gigs and could use the time more productively learning new songs.

    If I'd had a few proper lessons it would have saved me a lot of time but at that age time was one thing I had plenty of, money not so much!
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    Nov 14, 2006
    The "best" way to learn can be different for many people as they all learn in different ways. I would agree with Mushroo that a teacher (via Skype if necessary) would be very beneficial for someone starting from scratch. Even half a dozen lessons would get you off to a good start.

    In the mean time here are some useful links :

    How to get started?

    Learn Bass Guitar - YouTube

    Study Guide | StudyBass
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  6. Ditto ^^ we learn how in many different ways. There are four basic personality styles, however as very few of us fit into just one mold the list of four expands into sixteen very quickly. So which is best for you, as I do not know you, I really can only quess. This is where a live instructor can zero in better than we can.

    I'm a visual learner and need to know why certain things work and certain other things do not. So books, music theory, and patterns have been the route I took. Fearceol's list of ways is a good start.
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