How to replace Ampeg 8x10 casters with skateboard trucks...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by brokenrob43, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. brokenrob43


    Apr 10, 2012
    Hey guys... So it was due to a couple threads on this forum that I got the idea to replace the oft-breaking casters on my Ampeg 8x10 cab with skateboard trucks.

    I made this vid a year ago, and have toured extensively since then. The wheels have been over all kinds of cracked pavements, gravel, and all sorts of surfaces that the original casters did not respond well to. And I can tell you that they still look and feel as good as new.

    So I'm back to these forums to drop this video down so you can see not only how I did it, but what you will need, the whole process, and the end result.

    Watch the vid on youtube: Breaking Laces - BLTV - "How To Add Skateboard Trucks To Your Bass Amp" - YouTube

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  2. Im totally doing this to my 810. Why didnt this ever occur to me before? Thanks a lot for the idea man. And the trucks will probably work really well as handles for going up and down stairs.
  3. brokenrob43


    Apr 10, 2012
    Yup! The trucks make for great handles. Not only for carrying it up/down stairs or stages, but also for pulling the thing out of our tourvan hah... thanks :)
  4. Morning Beer

    Morning Beer

    Oct 2, 2009
    WOW! Never would have thought. Whats it like being a genius?
  5. brokenrob43


    Apr 10, 2012
    Well thanks :) but I wouldn't know. Like I said, I got the idea from here, just winged it in the video, but glad I did. The skateboard trucks are just amazing on there. If I ever have to replace the amp, im doing it again.
  6. jwsmith1776


    Mar 25, 2011
    Oxford, MS
    Epic idea! I just got a used ampeg 8x10 with busted casters and I've got on old skateboard or two laying around that are fixing to be truck-less! Bravo!!!
  7. anderbass


    Dec 20, 2005
    Phoenix. Az.
    Pretty cool, nice job!
    Sounds like its been holding up fine for you, but it sure would be stronger to get a metal drill bit so you could have used that metal brace plate, and then also instal large outer diamiter/Fender-type flat washers on the inside. Especially with a cab made from oriented strand board like that.
  8. Bean639


    Aug 18, 2010
    Richmond, Va
  9. great vid!
  10. brokenrob43


    Apr 10, 2012
    Anderbass, you nailed it. It's been a year of heavy touring, and it's held up phenomenally well, but extra support (especially wider washers) would not hurt. I'd hate to make a wrong move and have one of those things break the wood apart...
    Thanks :)
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