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  1. moten33


    Jan 7, 2012
    Albion, NY
    Ok, so I have added a few new pieces to our setup and am unfamiliar with using a crossover so I was hoping to get some advice on the best way to run this with what I currently have. I have:

    Behringer 2442fx mixer
    (2) JBL EON 515XT powered main speakers
    (1) JBL JRX118S Subwoofer
    (4) wedge monitors
    Behringer EP2000 Mixer
    Cheap 100w Mixer (to run monitors)
    Behringer Super X Pro Crossover
    Small Behringer mixer for drums

    I guess my main question is how to hook up the crossover to utilize the subwoofer. I am unfamiliar with this and the inputs/outputs/settings on it have confused me to the point that we don't even use it but we're playing an outdoor gig tomorrow and I would like to incorporate it if possible. Thanks!
  2. Go to the Behringer website.
    Download the manual.
    Read it.
  3. moten33


    Jan 7, 2012
    Albion, NY
    Thanks....very helpful. I have done so and there is very limited information in said manual that is of any use. I have a general idea about how it should work but I can't seem to get it to sound right.
  4. gearhead1972


    Feb 21, 2012
    Kent NY
    Are you plugging the mains into the "hi" output and the sub into the "sub" output? Running it in 2 way mode? If so try running the sub on one of the "low" outputs of the xover. If you are running your rig in true stereo (left guitar panned left, right guitar panned right) then you may lose some signal, but as long as the kick and bass are run center then you will get what you need.
  5. Zooberwerx

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    Dec 21, 2002
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    First off, I would strongly suggest running the whole rig in mono, not stereo.

    *Keep the mixer's pans centered. Use the (L) mains output to feed the crossover. This will require a single XLR cable.

    *Configure the crossover for "stereo 2 way". Yeah, I know we're running this in mono but we'll only be running the crossover's left channel so it won't really be stereo. Plug the XLR cable in the xover's left input.

    *Run an XLR cable from the xover's (L) high output to one of your two powered main speakers. Daisy chain to the second with another XLR cable. Now, the subs....

    *Plug an XLR cable into the xover's (L) low output. Set the LF (low frequency) button to "summed". Run the cable to whatever power amp is fueling your subwoofer enclosures.

    Set your stereo 2-way crossover freq @ 100 hz for starter. Sidenote: this is a dbx knock-off and the front panel is confusing as it offers full parameter control of 2-way (highs/lows), 3-way (highs/mids/lows), and 4-way mono (highs/high mids/low mids/lows). If you're having trouble figuring out what does what, let me know.