How to spend my gift cards & cash...

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  1. zontar


    Feb 19, 2014
    Well, I didn't get any actual gear for Christmas (wasn't expecting it--an it may not have been good stuff if I did)-but I did get some guitar store gift cards and some cash that will go along with the gift cards to go towards one or more of the following (depending on the prices I find) I didn't hit the store today as I've been feeling sick--and I don't like buying gear online.

    But the gift cards & cash could be used for

    -a mic or two (mics would mostly be for guitar & bass, possibly keyboards (Although I might go direct for those), possibly drums, possibly vocals--but emphasis on guitar & bass.

    -mic cables

    -mic stand

    -pedalboard or materials to build one

    -used keyboard

    -a Strymon favorite switch to use on a Strymon pedal


    or anything interesting on sale

    The mic(s) would be for home recording on a Tascam digital recorder (lower end one, recording for fun, learning and maybe a demo)

    If I find a great price on a pedal board I may buy one, but I have an idea for building one based on combining elements of existing ones.

    The keyboard doesn't have to be high end, but better than a toy or cheap-o one--it needs a decent piano sound and a few decent organ sounds--so a used one will get me more bang for the buck.

    I'm posting all of this here as there isn't really a keyboard section--unless I glossed over it, and I'm leaning more towards the mics than the pedalboard stuff.

    Any suggestions?

    I'm already considering a Shure SM57 and a couple of Sennheiser mics.