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    Jul 20, 2013
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    I have to be somewhat brief as I have a gig to go to tonight. I've played bass guitar for the past 20 years, but actually played regular guitar before that for as long as I can remember but I guess I started playing guitar "seriously" around age 13.

    A lot of my family were into music or were musicians of some sort so there was always music on in the house growing up, I guess it was kind of "bred" into me. I've been into just about every form of music over the years be it rock, country, disco, pop or whathaveyou and I still like most of it to this day although I'm settled into a preference for Classic Metal and Progressive Hard Rock. Influences are just too many to list here.

    My current band "Guantlet", was formed 2 years ago but split up 5 month in due to personal problems. We reunited about 3 months ago (minus the singer) and very little has been lost and the rust blew off quickly. So quickly in fact that we decided to play out at an open mic a couple weeks ago and just blew the roof off the place, and this was with no singer yet! Granted they weren't used to full bands coming in there let alone the heavy stuff we do but they loved it nonetheless.

    That's it for now, I've got to go rock. This looks like a nice place, peace out!