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    Jan 4, 2011
    I purchased a set of Innovation Silver Slaps from Gollihur Music in September 2019. I had an older set of Silver Slaps on my Kay that were in decent shape but wanted to have a back-up set for a UK/EU tour that I was playing in October 2019.

    I kept the old set on my bass for the tour but on the way back from Europe, the airline security must have opened my bass case and taken the new Innovation strings out of their respective labeled bags.

    Just last week, I finally went to put them on my bass so I double checked Gollihur’s website to make sure I knew which colored silks corresponded with which strings.

    Their site said that Silver Slaps color order (G, D, A, E) is Red, Yellow, Cyan, Lime. The problem is the Lime string looked thinner than the Yellow or the Cyan strings. I’ve played bass for over 30 years so I am aware that the low strings are thicker than the high strings. I tried, however, to string them according to the Gollihur website just to see if I was wrong. Clearly, the Red string was a G but the Lime colored string was a D, not an E. The Yellow string was an A, not a D and the Cyan string was an E, not an A. I also noticed that the bottom silks were not all the same color Purple. Weird.

    Is it possible that Innovation mixed up multiple sets of strings and accidentally sent out a wrong set? The strings felt different than my previous set once I got them on correctly. Has the formula changed?

    I called Gollihur to figure out what was up. They said that, according to the information they had, that the Silver Slaps string order should be G=Red, D=Yellow, A=Cyan, & E=Lime. They also told me that GHS had recently purchased Innovation and that John Moody had been the point person at GHS that would know.

    I've sent this letter to GHS. Anybody had any experience with this issue?
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    Jan 17, 2018
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    I've just checked my E and A SilverSlaps strings, 3 each, all purchased as individual strings in fall 2018. All tailpiece silks are the same, either dark blue or purple depending on the light, E peghead silks are all lime, A peghead silks are all cyan.

    What colors are your tailpiece silks in good light?
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    Hey, @pwilliams72 I got your email - saying this exact same thing, and seeing your post on the FB Chicago Bass Players Group - this morning. I’m currently on vacation so please give me some time to look into this before posting additional comments on this.

    Gut reaction, given the timeline, is that you had a set that the former owners made. To say there was a “lot” of inconsistency in the product in the last year or so of making them is being kind. I’m still working through some of the issues with their spec sheets that we got.

    So, give me at least a week, and I’ll look into it.
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