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  1. I recently got a Deluxe Fender V, although it came with a free set-up i went to get it set-up and they had so many to do that it would take 2 weeks to get it done. so i said i could learn to do it myself since i need the bass every saturday and sunday.

    While reading the Mr Gearhead Fender Bass setup guide, i was wondering, when i "adjust the 1st string bridge saddle to the scale length of the bass," do i put the top or bottom of the saddle to 34". the top being the end closest to the pick-ups,and the bottom the end closest to the end of the bass.

    As well if anyone knew, are Fender MIA Deluxe V Jazz's a 32" or 34" scale length. when i measured it i think i got 16 which 16+16=32 but i'm not sure if i did this right.