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iPhone G/B to iMac Garageband?

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by RandM, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Hi people - Luddite needing help : )
    I'm trying to work out how to use my iPhone to record rehearsals and download to my iMac
    Garageband for home practice.

    I go through the procedure and apparently the song is supposed to appear in iTunes on my mac under the Music tab > apps which is supposed to have a Garageband tab which doesn't seem to be there!

    I obviously don't know what I'm doing : )

    I've got the iPhone SE connected via USB.
    iTunes is version:
    Garageband is version: 10.2.20

    Do I need to be using iCloud for this to work or is it something else I'm missing?

    Thanks for any advice ............................ I shirley need it.

    Cheers Maurie.
  2. filmtex


    May 29, 2011
    Just got home from a show and it's late. I'll take a look at your problem, I think I have almost an identical set up. And try to get back to you in the morning. It's been a long- hurri-cany day
  3. What i do, If your not looking for prestine quality, then just place the phone in the corner of a room facing towards the band, or place it in the middle of the room so it records every one the same. That's what I usually do. You don't have to do this using GarageBand, you could record it onto your voice memos, you get the same result.

    If you want a more detailed rehearsal recording, and I've tried this as well. Connect all the instrument, including vocals, into a mixer. Then, if you haven't got one, I would get an iRig adapter, there are XLR & 1/4in versions that are ideal. Put the output of the mixer to the iRig adapter. Then your set.

    I've tried these both myself, and if your just wanting to record rehearsals, these methods work quite well. The second option is obviously a better way for quality. But the first method is more complicated, and harder to do the louder everyone is.

    Other people may have other methods, I worked this out myself, but someone else might have a method better for you. But I hope this helps. :thumbsup:
  4. Thanks filmtex but I'd rather you concentrate on the safety of you and yours, sounds like you have bit of a blow on ; ) First World "problems" can't be considered when Mother Natures flexing her bicepts.

    thunderfox - this is real basic at this point, he and I will just be low level noodling in the kitchen over a "cuppa". As he's doing his own stuff - slide blues, mostly acoustic - I want to record it ( no prob ) then transfer it to iTunes/GB on my Mac
    ( problem) so I can work on them at home
    to speed things up.

    If I get this worked out, then the money that was going on a Dig Recorder can go on an interface for the Mac : )

    I'm old and analog and taking baby steps.

    Thanks and Cheers Maurie.
  5. If you have recorded with your iPhone, at least the tracks you recorded should be shown in iTunes under the app you used to record it. From there you could simply export it to your harddisk and then open it with Garageband. If you use Dropbox or the cloud, you could directly record it to Dropbox.
  6. Found a Utube and may have a line on the prob. - he mentions a need to sync the iPhone to the 'puter, and mine wont sync.

    When I try from the 'phone it says 'sync will resume when the 'puters available' - it's registered (login/logout) to my Wife and her iPhone was last synced months ago. I'm gonna try and work out how to sync mine tommorrow and retry.

    Wish me luck and thanks for the advice -

    How you doin' tex? You OK? Sure hope so.

    All the best, Maurie.
  7. filmtex


    May 29, 2011
    Alls well. We managed to avoid Harvey completely, even the show Saturday night was dry, but windy. I looked in to your issue Sunday afternoon and it seems that after you get done working on your song, in Garageband go to My Songs and tap one of them, while its shaking, click the box with the "send" arrow in the upper right hand side of the screen and choose you path of least resistance ie: send by Message, email, Save to Dropbox, Add to iCloud drive et al. That should get you headed in the right direction YMMV. Then find it on your Mac and throw it in a folder in User>Music>iTunes>iTunesMedia>Music. Then go to iTunes and Add to Library. That should get you in the neighborhood.
    Also, thanks for your consideration, it was nip and tuck for a while here this weekend, but we were right on the northwestern edge of all the rain.
  8. I'm glad to here that 'tex - sounded pretty bad.

    Thanks for the tips, I'll have another go shortly and we shall see ........... we shall see!

    Cheers Maurie.
  9. OK - It seems there's something odd going on between my wife's recently aquired iPhone se and the iMac - there'll be some odd box checked somewhere in the setup buried under ten ft of computer jargon that will take a guided tour by a geek to sort .……;….……… but in the meantime I found I can email it to the mac, save to docs. then drag and drop into G/B - so at least I can get on with basics I need now while sorting the sync anomaly, and I don't have to worry about a Dig Recorder for now so it's all good - thankyou all.

    So - as long as 'tex is alright, we're sweet.

    : ) Cheers Maurie.

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