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    Dear collegues, I have a question, hope you'll help me.

    I have IE Xero Deluxe, which I'd like to use as a sweepable low pass filter. I'd like to do long and intence sweeps, like I've done on my good ol' moog lpf, but unfortunately this in not going to happen.

    I tried Moog ep-3 and Mission ep-25k with it so the sweep are very short, it reaches its "culmination" maybe on the first quarter of the pedal movement and after this culmination during the last 3\4 of the pedal move nothing happens with the sound.

    I do not know, maybe i use wrong expression pedal? Or maybe this is a common way it works? I have 3leaf wonderlove as well and it's expressable sweep is much deeper that Xero's. Unfortunately, I prefer to use it as a "common" envelope filter and always plugging and unplugging the cable would be pain in the ass.

    I'll be very happy if you share your opinion on this question, or maybe correct me if i'm doing smth wrong. Thanks in advance!
  2. I used a Moog EP-2 with mine when I had it, no problems with the sweep. The frequency knob on the pedal will adjust the maximum frequency at the toe end, and you can also reduce the same via the knob on the expression pedal if I remember right.
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    I used the Moog Ep-2 with mine as well, I did find that the sweepable range went pretty quickly when I was trying to do slow filters. I had an Expressionator at the same time though, so I set the scale on that to make it so the full range of the treadle effected a smaller amount on the Xero. This did the trick.
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    The XD covers a really wide frequency range, moreso than most pedal filters, lower than audible range so you can use the pedal as a "lowpass gate" or spectral VCA, as well as higher than you'd need for unfuzzed bass. The idea is to give you, the player, as much control as possible, rather than limiting you to the couple of sounds that I, the designer, personally like the most.

    When using an expression pedal, you use the onboard Freq knob to set the minimum frequency of the sweep (AKA the heel setting) and the expression pedal's attenuator knob to set the maximum frequency (AKA the toe setting). This gives you total control over the sweep. Your foot can cover a range of many octaves or just move a single semitone, within any range you choose.

    Put more simply, turn the EP-3's attenuator knob down to about 9 o'clock. :)
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    I am just a little confused by this. Is the expression pedal an extension of the frequency control or the sensitivity control?
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    May 21, 2010
    Frequency, I think.
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    Thanks a lot guys!
  8. To add to what Taylor's saying, is that the reason the rest of the sweep doesn't do anything, is because your BASS does not produce any frequencies to be affected at the upper range....

    So lets say, your bass upper freqs are 4000 Hz (dont remember what they are actually) and the "half" setting on the filter was also 4000 Hz..... You would hear almost no change after that mark, because you're not generating any of those frequencies.......

    Now, if you turn up the resonance, it can add some additional frequencies thru "self-oscillation" which seem to extend and def add to the character of your affected signal.

    The MOOG LPF is the same way - it's frequency range is 0-40,000 Hz or some such - your bass on it's own will make NO FREQS that the LPF can affect after a med low-ish setting on the Moog's Frequency dial.

    So what you do, when you are using with exp pedal, is set your upper limit of your sweep, with the adjustment knob on your exp pedal's treadle. That will give you a wider range of control over the audible sweep you have. Like Taylor said above

    I think I have that right - my gear is all at rehearsal studio.... Keep in mind, the settings on the Moog are so broad to accomodate other instruments, that they can be set so it does nothing at all. People constantly think it's broken, when they just haven't familiarized themselves with the controls enough to make it work.

    I still have Moog LPF, but it is a part of my Foogertron with the rest of my Fooger collection. the Xerograph is my bass LPF on my board, I love love love that thing!!