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Is it safe?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by basstard1, May 11, 2005.

  1. basstard1


    Mar 12, 2005
    Hi, I live in the merry old country of england, and after working out that I can buy a highway 1 jazz bass, a tweed case and p&p for just 480 of our englis pounds, I am kind of interested. But what are the chances it doesnt turn up or something or it is damaged from impoting it from another country? I've played one before and it was great but I'm not sure if they are all like that. Help me please.
  2. Personally I have never liked the idea of ordering a bass without playing that particular bass but I must say that I spent about 1200 to 1250 pounds (I think that's right) on a custom bass from a luthier without ever playing one of his basses to begin with. If you really want it, I would just make sure that there is a good return policy and that the shipper is insuring the bass during shipment for your protection. You may need to have the bass setup but if you love the bass, I would say that it's worth it.
  3. You should get a cheap air ticket to Orlando. Heaps of Brits come here to shop and get a tan. From what you all pay for gear, the trip would pay for itself and you would get to try the axe.

    That aside, I think the Fenders are pretty consistent in terms of QC and would gladly take that chance rather than pay double its price after it passes the gauntlet of middlemen, retailers and so forth.

    You should get a set up done anyway so if it gets banged around no bid deal. Just make sure that you get insurance or otherwise have the risk of loss ascertained in writing.

    Some people don't like the finish but I think it is cool, and prefer a finish that will age, scuff and ding a little while I still own it. Get the sunburst.
  4. basstard1


    Mar 12, 2005
    yer the sunburst is cool, i also like the honey blonde.
    I'm living at home and am quite young, so going over there is kind a dream.
  5. I got a Fender Geddy Lee jazz, + Fender hard case, for £550 inc. shipping and a hefty import tax.
    Considering it would have cost me over £600 for the bass alone over here, I am veeerrrry happy. :hyper:

    There's a slight risk and you'll probably get whacked with the import fees but if you keep your eyes peeled it can often work out a hell of a lot cheaper.

    I nearly bought an ESP Viper bass from the US for about$500... £750 over here at the time!

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